You can also see that real estate law has become a much more frequently applied field with the development of the construction sector in our country recently. As in every field of law, cooperating with experts in this field will strengthen your overall transaction efficiency for you. Our Law Office will provide services for you in this area and follow up on the case.

Our areas of service in real estate law in general

  • Deed cancellation and registration cases,
  • Actions for annulment of savings,
  • Lawsuits for receivables filed due to disputes arising from contracts,
  • Lawsuits for determination of rental price,
  • Lawsuits for a rent increase,
  • Eviction cases,
  • Prohibition cases of the intervention,
  • Cases regarding the protection of possession,
  • Ecrimsil cases,
  • Mortgage and pledge cases,
  • Right of way cases,
  • Floor easement cases,
  • Dissolution of partnership and correction of corrupt registration.