What Are The Testamentary Disposition?

If the contract made by a related person becomes valid with the death of the person who made the contract; then it means that there is a testamentary disposition. For example; In the contract of sale, you give money, and the store employee gives you your request against the price you give and your transaction is completed. However, in an inheritance contract, if your heir is appointed by the relevant testator by issuing a will; As soon as the will is finished, you will not have the share of the inheritance given to you. Here is a testamentary disposition. Because; For the relevant contract to become valid, the death or death of the person who made the will is expected. Death-related dispositions are grouped under two different headings in the civil law world. These are, in order;

  1. Inheritance contract,
  2. The will .

What is the Inheritance Agreement and What are the Consequences?

The contract that the relevant muris made with others before he died is called the inheritance contract. However, the inheritance contract is not a transaction that the testator can do alone. However, it can be done with the agreement of both parties; The death of the person who is deemed to be the relevant inheritor is awaited for it to become valid. Making an inheritance agreement is not a casual business. In other words, two people cannot sit down and say let’s make an inheritance contract. In civil law, there are very few transactions whose conditions are required, and one of these transactions is the inheritance contract. Well; The two persons who will make an inheritance contract must be doing this formally in the presence of a notary public. Otherwise, all the inheritance contracts are referred to as the absence of investment types that exist in the legal world. Such transactions are null and void. Likewise, in order to make an inheritance contract, it is expected that both parties must have full capacity in terms of competence. Well

  • The ability to distinguish,
  • Adult
  • Inheritance agreements, which are not restricted, and that are signed by individuals in the presence of a notary public only by mutual agreement, are considered legally appropriate and have the necessary consequences with the death of the testator.

Likewise, two witnesses, who are expected to be fully able, are required in the inheritance contract. These witnesses; It is expected that the relevant contracting parties and all stages of the official inheritance contract at the notary public are expected to witness that the transactions have been terminated in the manner that they should be and as they have truly declared by both parties.